Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Unseen Photographer

This photography reveals the world unaware and people caught with their guard down.  The idea began with technology that allowed images to be taken secretly, from the nineteenth century cameras are hidden in walking sticks, shoes and inside jackets, to the present day when you can stand in one direction and a device can take a picture in another.  

As the camera is hidden, the images are more natural of people in every day occurrences rather then explicit acts.  The focus is created by a close up view of someone walking, its almost like they are in the way however this is not the case as they are the focus of this picture.

Harry Callahan 
Atlanta 1984
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art © Estate of Harry Callahan

Men's shoes with camera hidden in heel
© National Museum of American History Photographic History, gift of The New York News 

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