Thursday, 11 November 2010


I have tested how best to photograph the shoes.  
This will be the first stage of the shoot as it will set scene of the secret obsession. 

I prefer the picture above as it is natural, as this is the view that you get when you try shoes on and you can also see detailing on the shoe quite clear.  I also like the effect of the dark blue jean to the light blue cuff.
 In the pictures below I have used a chair.  
I didn't like the chair being in the shot and those where it is not, I do not feel it works well.

These are a few close ups of the shoes.
In the picture below I tried to blur it hoping to keep certain factors of the shoe hidden, helping to keep them a secret.  However It didn't work well and it just looks like a dodgy picture.
I prefer this picture above as it is natural.  It is as though you have looked down and shown; this is the culprit of the secret obsession.  
Below I have photographed detailing to be used if i decide to get a close up to keep a secret factor.

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