Sunday, 7 November 2010

Live Wild, Die Free

the Orphans Arms Follow Viscose Shirt from, Tights, Thrifted Riding Boots, http://www.jaglever.comthe Orphans Arms CÉzanne Apple Pullover from, Tights, Doc Martens,
The slogans above are whimsical similarly to that of the witchcraft shoot, the setting works well to create this idea.  The two pictures below use close up shots to show detail or an important part of the look.  This effect can be used in my shoot to draw attention to certain actions or important objects.  I like the use of the hat, as it creates mystery and a look of hiding from someone.  
Six Watch, Zara Cape, Six Portmoney, Six Watch
Abercrombie Grey Sweater, American Apparel Navy Sheer Bodysuit, Urban Outfitters Salior Chains, F21 Brown Thigh-high Boots

The use of fence in the picture above could signify a barrier, keeping the secret unexposed.  

For me, the focus on the picture above is the setting using bricks and fence panels mixing colours, with the model off centre, this also draws my attention more towards the background.
I find the picture below interesting as the posters work well with the model, although there is more going on in the background my focus is still towards the model.  Its almost as if the viewer can select a print from the posters to place onto the plain white t-shirt and make the photograph there own. 
Plain White Shirt, Jeans, Necklace
The two pictures below use a good contrast between fashion and setting, with stripes from fences against striped and checked patterns.  This is eye catching and makes the garment features stand out.

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